Are There Any Contraindications For Frozen Raw Potatoes?

March 24,2021

Potatoes bought at home can’t be eaten completely, and they are usually thrown away or frozen. If you live alone, it takes many days to think of your potatoes. Or, the frozen raw potatoes to buy without peel were laid in your refrigerator for a long time. I think you must be curious whether these frozen raw potatoes have a great impact on people. If they can be eaten, are there any taboos?


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What Is The Effect Of Frozen Potatoes?


If you freeze raw potatoes at home, it may have water loss, vitamin loss, cold damage, etc.. Since the refrigeration speed of domestic refrigerators is relatively slow, and the minimum temperature is not low enough, these situations will occur.


However, the frozen vegetables on the market are steamed at a high temperature and then cooled and then quickly frozen, and stored below -18°C, which can ensure that the moisture and vitamins of the potatoes will not be lost, and there will be IEC 60794-1-20 no cold damage, etc., and they are safe to eat.


Will temperature cause potato freeze damage?


Potatoes are hardy plants. Generally, the storage temperature of potatoes is 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. Generally, when the temperature is lower than zero when stored at home, the potato will be freezing damage while after rapid freezing in the factory, it can be stored below -18°C, which can also ensure the freshness of potatoes.



How to store potatoes?


The storage of potatoes needs to be placed in a ventilated, low-temperature, and dry place. You can put the potatoes in a bamboo basket, and then store the bamboo basket in a shady, low-temperature place. Pay attention to ventilation. Such potatoes can be stored for a long time.


You can store the potatoes for about a week after wrapping them in the refrigerator.


The taboo of eating potatoes


1. Can't eat potato skin after it turns green


When you usually buy potatoes, you will find that some potatoes have green skins. It is best not to buy or eat these potatoes. Because the potato skin turns green, it means that the solanine content in it is relatively high. If you insist on eating it, you will have abdominal pain or vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, which is bad for your health.


2. Potatoes cannot be eaten after they have sprouted


After the potatoes are purchased, if they cannot be eaten in time, they will sprout. Some people don't want to throw them away. In fact, the sprouted potatoes can no longer be eaten, because the solanine content in the potatoes will increase after they sprout. This kind of huge poisonous ingredient, the human body will become poisoned after absorbing it, and it will be life-threatening in severe cases.


3. Moldy potatoes cannot be eaten


Some potatoes will become moldy after being stored for a long time. This kind of potatoes must be thrown away without any regrets and cannot be eaten anymore, because the moldy potatoes contain a lot of bacteria and the content of solanine will increase. If you eat this kind of moldy potatoes, you will experience dizziness and nausea and other adverse symptoms, which can be very harmful to your body.


frozen raw potatoes to buy without peel


The best way to eat frozen potatoes

Actually, the cooking method of frozen potatoes is the same as that of fresh potatoes, and there is not much difference in nutrition and taste, so you can buy it. In China, the most common method of potato is frying. Potato shreds and meat are fried together with some condiments. Almost everyone in China likes this cooking method. The other is potato stew, which is stewed for a long time. No one resists the deliciousness of cooking. Plus, eating potatoes regularly can prevent constipation. To live in convenient life, it wise to shop frozen potatoes in shop or online.