Can you freeze pumpkin pie?

April 09,2021

In some western countries, people like to carve pumpkins into lanterns on Halloween, on the one hand to drive away evil spirits and avoid turtles, on the other hand, to celebrate the holidays. Pumpkin pie is very popular among Americans. They will enjoy pumpkin pie made from IQF pumpkins taken out of the refrigerator on Thanksgiving.


IQF pumpkin pie 


If you are also interested in pumpkin pie, I would love to share with you the secret of success in baking pumpkin pie.


Make a few more pumpkin pie crusts, and finally put them in the refrigerator to quickly freeze them. You can enjoy them whenever you want to eat delicious food, which is very convenient. Because of their high fat content, the baked pie crust is frozen, and the cream filling of pumpkin pie and sweet potato seems to be designed for freezing. Here are a few useful steps to make freezing and baking pumpkin pie easier, but they are no harder than baking the pie itself.


Baked Frozen Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin pie used in the refrigerator does not require a special recipe. You can bake your favorite pie recipes as usual, except for one suggested exception:Bake a cake, these pie pans are thinner  in disposable large aluminum serving trays , which means that the pie freezes faster, avoiding the development of large ice crystals, which can ruin the texture of the pie. In addition, you can also avoid putting your favorite glass or ceramic pie pan in the refrigerator. Whether it’s a holiday or a friend’s visit, you can bake another pie for free, so you Anti-termite Cable don’t have to worry about messing around.



piece of pumpkin pie


Pumpkin pie from frozen packaging

Once baked, cool the pie completely. It takes several hours to cool the rack at room temperature. Then wrap the pie tightly in several layers of plastic wrap to ensure it is tightly sealed. I like to wrap the wrapped pie in a single layer of aluminum foil to avoid extra freezing,bulk glitter but this step is pure choice. You can place the pumpkin pie that needs to be frozen on a freezer shelf and freeze the pie completely for up to a month.


How to freeze pumpkin pie

Make a frozen pie to prepare for the coming of the holiday or the arrival of friends


Ingredients 1 baked pumpkin pie, preferably in an aluminum foil pie pan


Equipment: Fresh Food Saver Automatic Vacuum Sealer, it can help your pumpkin pie be fresh.


Cool the pie thoroughly. Cool the pie completely on a wire rack at room temperature. This will take several hours. After the tape is completely cooled, use the fresh food saver automatic vacuum sealer to tightly wrap the pie. Using this will make your pie more durable and safe. Of course wrap the pie in several layers of plastic wrap, and additional aluminum foil packaging is optional. But if you have frozen pie before, please label the freshly made and previous pie before freezing. So as not to forget the date when your pie was made, freeze on a horizontal shelf until firm.


IQF pumpkin


Defrost frozen pumpkin pie

Take the pie out of the refrigerator and it will take at least 12 hours to get it to the refrigerator before you can eat the pie. Thawing at room temperature may cause the filling to cry, leaving a moist crust. A long and slow thaw is the way to go. Sometimes the plastic wrap will leave some blemishes after the pie is frozen; cover it with some cinnamon sugar or a large chunk of cream.


Before you prepare to make pumpkin pie, please remember to defrost it a few hours in advance. If using and thawing in the refrigerator overnight, remove the aluminum foil and make sure the pie is thawed on a horizontal rack in the refrigerator.


Note that if you want to give this pumpkin pie to your guests, please turn on some pure aluminium gu10 downlights in the kitchen, and remember to bring a hat (a chef hat or flat brim hat) and disposable face mask, so as not to be embarrassed by the hair falling in. If you are preparing a large amount of pumpkin pie for the dinner, then please don’t forget that you need to prepare a sufficient amount of biobased cutlery, so as not enough to embarrass the guests.


May be interested in these questions


What is actually the significance of the pumpkin in Halloween celebrations?

The original event of Halloween was actually to indicate completion of the harvest time, so this is when all your fruits and veggie will possess been actually chosen and also held for winter season.


As one of the answers indicated, it was initially turnips that were utilized back in places like Ireland, yet someplace along the line, these travelers to the United States commemorating Halloween adapted the creating tradition to the neighborhood fruit, which was actually much easier to cut , and had an even more glowing radiance.


Additionally, the orange color of the pumpkin fits in with the shades of Fall/Autumn in America, where the leaves turn brownish, yellowish as well as orange-- so all of it fitted together beautifully as a Halloween symbolic representation.


How does pumpkin pie be connected with the Thanksgiving holiday?

That possesses whatever to accomplish along with Sarah Josepha Hale, a New Hampshire-born author and editor who is actually typically called the "Godmother of Thanksgiving." In her 1827 activist unfamiliar Northwood, Hale defined a Thanksgiving dish total with "deep-fried hen drifting in sauce," broiled pork, wheat bread, cranberry sauce, as well as-- obviously-- pumpkin pie. For greater than 30 years, Hale recommended for Thanksgiving to come to be a national holiday, writing routine content and sending letters to five American presidents. Thanksgiving holiday was an icon for unity in an increasingly divided nation, she asserted.


After knowing them, you maybe know the pumpkin is significant for western countries as well as IQF pumpkin. They have big demand for pumpkin. If you are looking for IQF pumpkin, welcome to contact us, and we will provide you with good price.


IQF pumpkin