Common Mistakes in Cooking Frozen Vegetables

April 07,2022

In a compact and busy life, frozen vegetables are a very convenient food material. It is not only convenient for preservation but also the nutritional value of frozen vegetables and fruits is no different from that of fresh vegetables and fruits. If we can use the right methods and make good use of them, we can also cook delicious dishes with frozen vegetables.


Many people have a bad impression of frozen vegetables because of the incorrect cooking method, which makes the frozen vegetables moist, soft, rotten, and taste bad. The following will list the common mistakes in cooking frozen vegetables and tell you the correct method.


 frozen vegetables


❌Error 1 unfreezing frozen vegetables in advance


In most cases, frozen vegetables do not need to be thawed. Lisa shepherd, a nutritious food expert at central Tennessee State University, said that because plants contain a lot of water, the expansion of frozen water molecules will expand the cell wall, which also leads to the texture change of frozen vegetables after thawing.


Lisa shepherd advised against thawing vegetables. She explained: "frozen vegetables can thaw quickly during cooking, and direct cooking can maintain a better texture."


In some special cases, vegetables need to be thawed in advance. According to the National Center for home food preservation, the corn must be thawed in advance before cooking, to ensure that the center of the corn stalk is ripe.


Some green vegetables with more moisture (such as spinach) can be heated more evenly by thawing slightly before heating. In addition, if you want to make spinach pizza, you must thaw the spinach and dry the water in advance to prevent the spinach from being too wet and baking into a soft and rotten pizza.


Error 2 use frozen vegetables for unsuitable dishes


Generally speaking, casserole stew and soup are suitable for adding frozen vegetables, because the vegetables in this kind of dish do not need to be particularly brittle, such as carrots, mushrooms, peas, potatoes, and so on.


Lisa Schaeffer also suggested that frozen vegetables should not be mixed with fresh vegetables when cooking because the two vegetables have different tastes and are not delicious when cooked together. When making the side dishes of the main meal, you can directly heat the frozen vegetables in the pan and simply add salt and pepper to taste. This method can cook a delicious taste.


In addition, roasted vegetables are also a great choice. The high temperature of the oven can quickly thaw vegetables and evaporate too much water. It is recommended to preheat the baking pan and oven at 450 ° F, spread the frozen vegetables evenly on the baking pan, and pour a few spoons of oil to make the vegetables crisp in the oven. After coming out of the oven, sprinkle salt and spices and serve.


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