Do I Need To Blanch The Cowpeas Before Freezing? Freezing Skills Attached

March 20,2021


Sometimes, you accidentally buy too much cowpea, it may go bad if you don't store it in good way in time. The best way to store it is to freeze it. Is it necessary to blanch it before freezing? How long does it take to be blanched to be healthy? This article is about frozen cowpeas.


 frozen cowpea


Can Cowpea Be Frozen Without Being Blanched?

My suggestion is that you'd better blanch it.


The temperature of the freezer layer of the refrigerator is relatively low. Although the beans can be eaten without being blanched and frozen, when they are directly frozen and then taken out, a large amount of water has been lost. The beans will become dry and lose their original color. The color of the blanched beans is good, but the taste is not so good.


Well, remember to blanch the frozen cowpea before making it, but the blanching time will also affect the taste of subsequent consumption. Pay attention to time control.


How Long Does It Take To Blanch For Quick-Frozen Cowpeas?


The best blanching time is about 3-5 minutes.



When the long cowpea is blanched, boil the water in the pot until the cowpea is boiled.

Keep it on high heat, boil and cook for about 3-5 minutes, and blanch until it is half cooked.



If the blanching time is too short, the cowpea will have a beany flavor, and the taste will become hard. If you eat too much, it will easily cause food poisoning. Too much blanching time is of course not good, it will make the cowpea soft and lose its EN 50290-2-27 crisp taste, and the color will become yellow and ugly.



How To Freeze Cowpea?

1. Buy fresh cowpeas and get ready.


2. Rinse with clean water, and set aside after washing.


3. Put water in the pot. After the water is boiled, put in the washed beans, blanch it with water, and it will be ready for 6 minutes.


4. Drain the water after blanching.


5. The bagging is sealed with tape.


6. Then put it on the freezer layer of the refrigerator.


Notice: It should be stored separately from other meat foods. On the one hand, it is to avoid odor, and on the other hand, it is to prevent the bacteria in the meat food from entering the beans.


The above is about the knowledge of cowpea freezing, there are some tips, maybe you can also buy ready-made frozen cowpea in Anhui Huayuan, and compare it with your frozen. And, please rest assured that the nutritional value of our frozen products can also be well stored.