Does the cutting method of bamboo shoots affect the taste?

March 30,2021

Now is a good time to eat spring bamboo shoots, but will different cutting methods affect the taste of bamboo shoots? The answer is Yes. As the saying goes, “cooking first is cutting.” Cutting a good dish not only determines the difficulty of cooking, but also affects the nutritional value and taste of the dish. How to cut spring bamboo shoots to taste delicious? Bamboo shoot chunks, pieces, dices or ...?


Spring bamboo shoots are delicious and contain enough water. Not only are they delicious, they are also very nutritious. They are a very good food. Many people buy spring bamboo shoots and don't know how to cut them.


raw bamboo shoot


Why does it affect the taste?


In fact, this has something to do with the method, and different methods require different cutting methods. Although it is the same raw material and the same cooking method, only the choice of knife work method is different, the texture of the finished dish will be different. For example, under normal circumstances, fast-maturing vegetables can be cut into shreds, bulk glitter slices, dices, cubes, etc. On the contrary, they should be cut larger, thicker and thicker. Knife processing is to make the size, thickness, length and shape of the ingredients meet the requirements of cooking, because it not only determines the final shape of the raw materials, but also opgw suspension assembly plays a decisive role in the color, aroma and taste of the dishes after they are made.


How to cut spring bamboo shoots?


1. Cut into chunks: first cut the bamboo shoots horizontally into 6 or 7 cm thick sections, and then cut each section into 4-6 pieces, depending on the thickness of the bamboo shoots, so that the bamboo shoot chunks are cut.


bamboo shoot chunks 


2. Slicing: For larger spring bamboo shoots, peel the shells of the spring bamboo shoots, remove the old roots, cut them in half vertically, and then cut them diagonally into thin slices. Generally, the thickness of the cut is 2-3mm. And if it is a smaller winter bamboo shoot, generally cut the root horizontally first, then cut thin slices directly, and then cut the tip of the bamboo shoot diagonally, so that the cut bamboo shoots will be larger and look good.


3. Cut the hob block: Hold the root of the spring bamboo shoot, and cut it diagonally from the tender head of the bamboo shoot with a knife. Turn the bamboo shoot once for each cut until the cut is finished.


4. Shredded: First cut the spring bamboo shoots into slices of uniform thickness according to the slicing method, and then cut diagonally into shreds.


5. Dice: For very thin spring bamboo shoots, dicing is very convenient, just cut it horizontally into small sections. If it is a large spring bamboo shoot, you can first cut it in half, then cut it horizontally, and finally cut it vertically.


How to make the spring bamboo shoot flavorful by cutting?


1. Large bamboo shoots


Generally, large bamboo shoots are cut vertically from the middle, and then half of the bamboo shoots are erected and cut into thin slices. Generally, the thickness of the cut is about two centimeters.


2. Small bamboo shoots


The small bamboo shoots do not need to be cut in half from the middle, and cut directly along the roots, so that the bamboo shoots cut out will be larger and look good when they are made.


3.Cut broken bamboo shoots


Broken bamboo shoots usually split from the bottom or the middle, so it is best to cut it horizontally when cutting.


If you were passionate about cooking in the kitchen, you must know something about it. If you like to eat bamboo shoots, you must think about the recipe for this dish before making it, and then determine whether it is bamboo shoot chunks, shreds, or slices or cubes.


bamboo shoots dish