Everything You Should Know about Frozen Potato

April 20,2022

Potatoes are a very common vegetable. Usually, potatoes can be seen in vegetable markets or supermarkets. Potatoes are also a very common dish. Like, so do you know if frozen potatoes are edible?


How to eat frozen potatoes?


After the frozen potatoes are thawed, a lot of water will flow out, which will affect the taste. Therefore, it is best to eat stewed meat, or squeeze out some of the water in the potatoes, and then steam them directly, which will not affect the taste.


What is the effect of frozen potatoes?


frozen potato


👉Moisture loss


After the potatoes are frozen, once the potatoes are thawed, the free water in the potatoes will be lost, and the appropriate amount of water will be reduced.


👉Small amount of vitamin loss


Some unstable vitamins are also lost during the freezing process, thus resulting in a partial loss of nutrients.


👉Chilling damage


The temperature of frozen potatoes is low, and the potatoes will suffer from chilling damage, which is easy to oxidize after dissolving.


How low is the temperature to cause potato freeze damage?


Potatoes are cold-resistant plants. Generally, potatoes are stored at a temperature of 3 to 5 °C. Once the temperature is below zero, potato freeze damage will occur. So frozen potatoes—must be frozen potatoes.


However, potato freeze damage is prone to loose internal tissue and easy oxidation after thawing. Therefore, frozen potatoes should be eaten immediately after thawing, and cannot be stored after thawing.


How should potatoes be stored?


Potatoes need to be stored in a ventilated, low temperature and dry place. Potatoes can be placed in bamboo baskets, and then the bamboo baskets can be stored in a shaded low temperature place. Pay attention to ventilation. Such potatoes can be stored for a long time.