How To Quickly Remove The Tendons On Both Sides Of Snow Peas?

March 24,2021

You bought varied organic vegetables, including snow peas that you like to eat. You are planning to cook them. Granted, it doesn't matter if the organic snow peas have not removed the tendons on both sides, that is, they may need to be spit out when eating. Of course, if your stomach is good, you can eat it. If you want to eat comfortably and conveniently, it is best to remove the tendons on both sides. You will learn the shopping tips, eating precautions, freezing precautions, best recipes, etc.


remove the tendons


How to remove snow peas tendons on both sides?


It is recommended to soak the snow peas that has just been bought directly in salted water for 10-20 minutes and wash it. This can remove the residual medicine and dirt on the outer skin.


After soaking and washing, remove the old tendons. If you don't eat the old tendons, you will pull one or two silks out of your mouth like spinning silk.



Use the thumb and index finger of one hand to pinch the head of the snow peas, and the other hand to pinch the stem and pull to one side of the snow peas to pull out the old tendons on both sides of the snow peas.


The nutritional value of snow peas


1. Cooked dried snow peas provides twice as much solids, calories, carbohydrates and protein than cooked green snow peas, but green snow peas contains more vitamin A and vitamin C than dried snow peas.


2. Each 100 grams of cooked snow peas can provide 8.5 grams of protein, which is equivalent to the energy provided by 28 grams of cooked lean pork. However, calculated per gram of protein, snow peas provide twice as much calories as lean pork.


3. Snow peas contains low calcium and phosphorus in beans, so when eating snow peas, you need to supplement calcium with other foods. Phosphorus is rich in animal protein, legumes and nuts. When ingesting a large amount of these foods, you must add enough calcium, because  when the calcium intake is insufficient, if you take in a large amount of phosphorus, it will affect the absorption and utilization of calcium.


4. Snow peas are a good source of iron.


organice snow peas


How to buy snow peas


1. Look at the appearance: The more tender snow peas are tender green in color, and the beans in the pod are flat. If the color is very dark, and the outdoor cable termination kit beans inside are large and full, it means that snow peas are old.


2. Look at the bean tendon: very tender snow peas, its bean tendon is thin, protruding out. If you find that the long bean tendon is recessed, it means it is older.


3. Listen to the sound: When buying snow peas, you can grab a few and gently squeeze it. If the sound is crispy, it means it is tender.


frozen snow peas with sausage


The best combination of snow peas-sausage


1. Remove the outer layer of the sausage. It is indigestible, so it is best not to eat it. Some of them are safer and can be eaten. After removing the skin, cut the sausage into slices for later use.


2. Tear off the tendons on the head and tail of snow peas. Put it on the plate and set aside. Boil in boiling water for another two minutes. Don't blanch it for too long, it won't be crisp when it's too old. Use a scoop out to control the water.


3. Pat the garlic seeds off the skin with the back of a knife, and then chop them. Put the sausages in and fry them over a low fire, it's really a lot of oil. .


4. Pour out some of the fried oil, and then put the blanched Dutch beans in and fry. You cannot eat too much oil, so you must pour out the excess oil.


5. Stir-fry on high heat for two minutes, because the Dutch beans are blanched, and they are cooked all at once.


6. Put a little bit of salt, add a little bit of starch water to melt the salt, mix well and turn off the heat. 10 shovel on the plate, serve on the table and eat, crunchy with a little bit of sweetness. it's actually very good.


Precautions for eating snow peas


1. It is not suitable to eat in large quantities for a long time. Because eating too much snow peas will cause abdominal distension and easy gas production.


2. Snow peas that have been eaten by insects cannot be eaten. They can only be eaten when they are old and dry soaked softly.


3. Patients with skin diseases and chronic pancreatitis should not eat.


4. Peas should not be paired with oysters. Once the two are eaten together, the absorption of zinc is easily reduced. Especially for children, this combination should be avoided, so as not to affect development.


How long can snow peas be stored in the refrigerator?


Snow peas can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week. Although the low temperature of the refrigerator can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, in the frozen state, the biochemical reactions are still going on in the fruits and vegetables, but the progress is very slow. Don't keep it for too long. If you have bought frozen organic snow peas, this is the best time for the manufacturer to freeze snow peas to lock in the rich nutrients, and this can be stored longer. If you want to buy frozen organic snow peas directly, you can buy it in supermarkets or online. If you need a large amount of frozen organic snow peas or frozen vegetables, please contact us and we will give you the best price.


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