Is Fresh Food really more Nutritious than Frozen Food?

May 10,2022

There is no doubt that a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the health of athletes. It helps protect muscles from oxidation and inflammation, helps prevent heart disease and diabetes, and, of course, helps control weight gain.


frozen food


But is it that important to worry about whether food is fresh or frozen? In some cases, yes. Fresh agricultural products are expensive because of their transportation cost, but because they must be transported, they may lose some of their nutritional value.


A new study by researchers from the University of California, Davis, analyzed fresh and frozen foods to determine which are more nutritious. The researchers grew their corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, strawberries, and blueberries. For each item, half is allocated for fresh storage, and the remaining half is frozen and stored.


Samples were collected before, during, and after the corresponding storage period (up to 10 days for fresh storage and 90 days for freezing). It turns out that the nutrient content varies between storage methods and specific foods.


  1. Vitamin C


Stored in frozen corn, green beans, and blueberries, it is even higher than the fresh version.


  1. Riboflavin


Lower in frozen peas, but higher in Frozen Broccoli.


  1. Vitamin E


The contents of fresh peas, carrots, and corn are degraded, but they are higher in frozen peas, green beans, blueberries, spinach, and corn.


  1. β- Carotene


Antioxidants that are converted into vitamin A in the body suffer the most. Frozen peas, spinach, and carrots lost their initial weight during storage β- More than half of the carotene content, while their fresh counterparts lost only their initial content β- 15% of carotene content.


  1. Calcium and copper


The content of fresh and frozen is about the same.


  1. Zinc


The content of frozen peas is slightly lower.


  1. Iron


The content of frozen spinach and carrots is relatively low.


  1. Cellulose


The content of fresh broccoli is higher than that of frozen peas and carrots.


  1. Phenolic compounds


These antioxidant sources are higher in frozen blueberries and strawberries and lower in broccoli, corn, and peas.


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