The best way to cook frozen edamame in hot weather(cold dish)

April 01,2021

The weather is getting hot, do you want to eat edamame? Although the weather is not hot, edamame is also very popular. The cook way of edamame in hot weather has also become abundant. I remember some time ago, after we washed and drained the peeled or unpeeled edamame, we used to put it in a fresh-keeping bag or a 3pc food storage box and then put it in the refrigerator for freezing. Now it's time to take out bulk frozen edamame beans for cooking.


Cold Edamame

Ingredients: edamame, light soy sauce, vinegar, fast oil consumption, sesame oil, chili oil, pepper, garlic


cold edamame



1. Cut off two ends of edamame, soak in salt water for a few minutes and then wash, and chop the garlic into minced garlic;


2. Boil water and drop a few drops of oil, pour in edamame and cook for five minutes, add 1-2 tablespoons more salt than usual;


3. After cooking, set it up, rinse with cold water, add light soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and fasting oil, mix well;


4. Put oil in the pot, add chili oil, peppercorns and minced garlic when the oil is hot, and saute until the red oil is produced;


5. Pour the red oil from step 4 into step 3 and stir evenly.


Nutritional efficacy

It is suitable for patients with modern civilization diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity, vascular cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc. It is a dietary ingredient recommended by modern nutritionists. Moreover, garlic can warm the stomach and invigorate the stomach, eliminate food and regulate qi, and the combination IEC 60794-3 of the two is very suitable for consumption.


If you want to taste the original edamame, no one dislikes this cooking method. It is very time to eat it in summer.


Boiled edamame in brine

Ingredients: unpeeled frozen edamame, red pepper segments, star anise, pepper, table salt.


boiled edamame in brine



1. Use scissors to cut off both ends of the edamame, put it in a stretchable strainer basket, wash and drain;


2. Put the washed edamame into the pot, put the red hot pepper section (if you don’t eat it spicy, don’t put it), star anise, Chinese pepper and salt, add water to submerge the edamame, cover and cook for 20 minutes on medium heat and remove. That's it.


Nutritional effect

Appetizer and digestion, it is a must-have product for cooling in summer, suitable for constipation, high blood pressure patients, middle-aged and elderly, children, menopausal women also suitable for eating, refreshing and tender, increase appetite, relieve fatigue and weakness.


In addition to cold dishes, frozen edamame can be thawed into some hot dishes such as chicken wings edamame, edamame minced meat and so on. Edamame has good nutritional benefits and is suitable for all ages.


bulk frozen edamame beans