These Ways Can Keep The Potatoes From Rot And Sprout! Do Not Miss It!

March 24,2021

There are many ways to make potatoes, which can be mashed to make a mash, that is, the mashed potatoes in KFC, which can be made into potato pies after being made into mashed potatoes. In addition, after cutting into pieces, you can stew meat or make curry rice; cut into slices, fry potato chips, or fry into potato chips. Such a delicious food, the preservation method has become a problem.


 potato mesh


Potatoes are not only a common delicacy on the dinner table of our Chinese people, but they are also full of nutrition and have the effect of preventing pancakes and cancer. In foreign countries, potatoes are their second staple food, so the potatoes are loved at home and abroad, here are two ways to keep your potatoes well.


raw potatoes to buy


Not- Missed Storage Method

Concerning the storage of raw potatoes, most people adopt the way that freeze them in refrigerator. The method you need here does not require a refrigerator, and does not need to be frozen. Let’s take a look.

Frozen raw potato to buy in Anhui Huayuan.

frozen raw potato to buy


1. Put it in a carton

Tools you need: cartons, potatoes, apples




  • Put the potatoes in a carton you have prepared and keep them dry to prevent the potatoes from rotting;


  • Put an apple inside, because the apple will release ethylene gas, which can promote the ripening of plant fruits and the shedding of organs, and can inhibit the formation of auxin, which can inhibit the germination of potatoes;


  • Seal the carton and store it in a cool, ventilated and dark place for a long time.


potato with apple storage


2. Put it in a black plastic bag


Material: potatoes, plastic wrap, complete plastic bag




  • Raw potatoes come out of the soil, usually there is mud, the first step you have to do is to wipe the mud, but you can't wash it with water;


  • Wrap the cleaned potatoes with plastic wrap and seal them well;


  • Put it in an unbroken black plastic bag. The black plastic bag is opaque, which can inhibit the germination of potatoes and prevent the ASTM B549 moisture of the potatoes from being lost in the air;


  • Tie the plastic bag tightly and place it in a ventilated place;


With this method of preservation, your potatoes may not sprout and rot for a year.


potato in black plastic bags


If you happen to have extra potatoes at home, these two useful methods are worth trying. They are very simple and require fewer tools. Come and try to see if these two methods are feasible.