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Frozen Iqf) Organic Sweet Potato Chunks Wholesale Manufacturer


Freeze Sweet Potato Chunks-IQF Sweet Potato


Our sweet potatoes are grown locally to ensure the safety and health of food sources. Select high-quality sweet potato and produce it through quick-freezing processing. The shape, size and packaging of the product can be customized. Our products are suitable for supermarket sales and fast food restaurant processing. They can be opened directly for cooking, which is quick and convenient.


Yam is a very nutritious vegetable, most of its nutrients are carbohydrates. As for the vitamins in this vegetable, provitamin A is rich in content, which is very suitable for skin, visual health and bone development. Can provide anti-cancer, laxative weight loss, improve immunity and other effects.


The sweet potato we grow is clean, smooth, well-shaped, hard and shiny, with a lot of sugar and starch, yellow core, sweet and delicious.


Sweet Potato Overview


Sweet potato is a high-yield and adaptable food crop, which is closely related to industrial and agricultural production and people's lives. In addition to being the staple food, root tuber is also an important raw material for food processing, starch and alcohol manufacturing industries. Roots, stems, and leaves are excellent feeds. Sweet potatoes are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, carotene, niacin, vitamin C, B vitamins, saponins and other ingredients. Among the minerals contained, the content of fluorine is higher. High, it has the effect of cleaning teeth, preventing caries and protecting teeth; its rich nutritional value can enhance the immune function of the human body, and can be used as a common medicinal staple food for preventing and treating cancer. In cancer surgery or postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and its recovery process, it has the role of adjuvant treatment; sweet potato mainly has the functions of enhancing immunity, cleaning teeth and preventing caries, detoxification and cancer prevention, beauty of black hair, and nourishing qi. In addition, quick-frozen sweet potatoes have become a common form of buying sweet potatoes. Buying sweet potatoes is becoming more and more common.


Sweet potato


What is IQF sweet potato

· Single rapid freezing is a rapid freezing method that can quickly pass through the maximum ice crystal formation area of ​​0°C to -5°C, thereby minimizing the formation of ice crystals inside the food.

· IQF mainly separates the ingredients instead of stacking them into a fixed shape for freezing. Therefore, each food material can be frozen uniformly, thereby improving the quality of frozen products.

IQF (Personal Quick Frozen) benefits

· Maintain freshness, color, smell, natural taste and product quality.

· Frozen products do not contain artificial additives.

· The final product of the frozen product does not contain water.

· Long-term maintenance dates

· 5-All products are available every season and easy to cook.

Advantages of our frozen sweet potatoes

· Our sweet potatoes are locally grown. The sweet potatoes grown are rich in grains and sufficient moisture to ensure the sugar content in the sweet potatoes, making the product taste sweet, and the source of the sweet potatoes is safe and healthy.

· Huayuan Foods selects high-quality sweet potatoes and produces them through the IQF rapid freezing process. The planting environment is in line with the growth of organic sweet potatoes, thereby obtaining natural and organic sweet potatoes.

· As long as you have requirements, the packaging of the frozen sweet potatoes we provide can be customized.

· Frozen sweet potatoes can be opened directly for cooking, or they can be combined with other ingredients to make delicious dishes, which is convenient and quick.

· Our products are suitable for supermarket sales, fast food restaurant processing, grocery sales, and any distributors and wholesalers who like frozen sweet potatoes.

· Huayuan Foods is a professional exporter and supplier of frozen sweet potatoes. We have FDA, GAP, ISO, BRC, HACCP professional certificates.



Sweet Potato Chunks


Frozen sweet potato production equipment and technology

  • Color sorter, automatic packaging machine, X-ray inspection system
  • IQF selection of raw material classification, cleaning, packaging, cooling, secondary cooling, dripping, boxing and weighing, X-ray inspection packaging


Sweet potato workshop


Our production capacity


  • We have a vegetable processing plant of 6000 square meters, a 10,000-ton frozen warehouse, 2 3-ton quick-freezing processing lines, 2 frying processing lines, and 2 boiling processing lines. The annual maximum production capacity is 10,000 tons.
  • We can maintain a stable supply of raw materials through the abundant agricultural resources around Lu'an City and the systematic management of planting, breeding and harvesting.
  • Now, our frozen vegetables are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, etc.


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Huayuan food Frozen IQF) organic Sweet Potato Chunks wholesale manufacturer.We have 6000 square meter of vegetable processing factory, 10000-ton freezing warehouse, 2 3-ton quick freezing processing lines, 2 frying processing lines, 2 boiling processing lines. The maximum annual production capacity is 10000 tons.
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